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To contribute to a positive change and attain sustainable growth, MageWorx team partners with the most extraordinary companies around the world.  It’s our pleasure to introduce you to our new Magento partner – MageCloud.

MageCloud is a PaaS platform that helps Magento merchants and developers with their stores. With MageCloud you can set up you store with the necessary themes and extensions and deploy everything into the cloud hosting within 3 minutes.

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NEW: Hreflang Tag Support – a Magic Wand for multi-lingual and multi-regional websites

Today, we are happy to announce a big update of our SEO Suite Ultimate Magento extension.

The module that is reckoned as one of the best tools for Magento SEO, is now empowered with a new great feature - the support of a hreflang tag.

The hreflang tag (also referred to as rel=”alternate” hreflang=”x”) was designed to tell Google which language you are using on a specific page, so that the search engine can deliver the relevant results to users searching in this language.

The feature is extremely useful if you are running a multi-lingual and multi-regional site, and created a big amount of content for a local audience.
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Savvy Cube - the first analytics software for small business

Why do 90% of small online ventures fail?

Those who managed to build a successful eСommerce business know that the cornerstones of a successful online venture are careful, in-depth data analysis and methodical, strategic planning.

Alas, both aspects are often ignored by online entrepreneurs. They tend to make intuitive rather than data driven decisions, thus putting their business at risk. But why do they neglect such vitally important things?  

It usually happens for 2 trivial reasons.

1. Shortage of time. 

Imagine you are a one-man company and have to perform all functions for your eCommerce store. Will you have time for diving into careful data analysis and thorough strategic planning? I believe the answer is obvious.

2. The complexity of data analysis.

The biggest challenge here is insufficiency of data free tools provide.

For example, Google Analytics displays only the basic metrics such as profit, revenue and traffic sources and is totally useless for subtracting discounted products and refunds, calculating taxes/ shipment expenses and PayPal fees. Also, Google Analytics misses out about 5-10% of all transactions, which questions the whole point of further analysis.
To make even the basic sales data analysis, store owners have to combine data from various sources and run heavy spreadsheet calculations.

Luckily, there is a tool that can fully automate the process, quickly deliver accurate analytical data and provide competent projections for the future.
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Throughout the eCommerce industry January is known as a bad time for sales.

The holiday sparkle is fading out, people are trying to recover from winter holiday spending and pay their debts off.  These factors trigger a steep decline in January eCommerce sales. Worse, people may start returning things purchased in excessive amounts before Christmas.

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SEO is a tough race. To win this race and be ahead of the competitors, you need to be armed with the best SEO software.

Today Magento market offers a wide range of SEO extensions that vary in features, price, support/update terms, installation and configuration conditions. This brings up the question: How to choose an effective SEO extension for a Magento-based store? 

In this SEO Extensions Review we’re going to compare 6 most popular Magento SEO solutions and hash over their features and performance.

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On January 11th 2015, the next in row Magento event – Developers Paradise will land in a snowy place called Kaprun (Austria).

A 3-day event, organized in the form of barcamp sessions, will be entirely focused on further Magento development with emphasis on the upcoming release of 2.0 version. The conference will bring together Magento development experts and those who just started learning the platform.
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Can-Category-Pages-SellTypically,  online retailers focus on building a show-stopping homepage and perfect product pages. These pages get stuffed with eye-candy images, exquisite seductive product descriptions and clear CTAs. But there’s a page that can get as many views as all the above mentioned ones, however it’s almost always ignored by online store owners.

Yes, I’m talking about the category page.

The problem is: category pages are often considered as a fleeting stop and are given less attention by the store owners.

The good news is that there’re many ways to improve category pages & make them sell. Because a well-designed category page greatly helps to motivate users to drill down through this or that product, focus their attention, answer various questions and make shopping simple and quick.

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We are happy to announce a big update of Shipping Suite Magento Extension. The update includes a bunch of new features, performance improvements and bug fixes. Read More


Sadly, the potential of onsite search is often overlooked in the eCommerce industry. Meanwhile, a little search box can be an invaluable marketing tool with a wide spectrum of useful capabilities. In addition to its direct duty – delivering results – onsite search can also act as a personal store assistant, a tool for analyzing customer shopping habits & preferences and a communication channel.

The value of an optimized, intuitive and self-learning onsite search can be summed up in 3 quick facts:

  • Those who use onsite search usually have a higher buying intend. As a rule, these visitors are on the site for a specific item and are ready to purchase in the fastest way possible.
  • Advanced search options improve website navigation. It means that visitors don’t need to browse through tons of pages to quickly find what they need.
  • Better search means better customer experience. Hence, the level of customer satisfaction grows, as well as the number of signups and return visits.

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Sylvain Rayé, Ben Marks and Guido Jansen are speaking about the first Swiss Meet Magento event and sharing their thoughts on the release of Magento 2.0 

Held in the halls of Riverside-Glattfelden Hotel, beautifully located near a leafy spot in the Winterthur region, the first Swiss Meet Magento event gathered around 300 people. 24 keynotes with a large variety of eCommerce and programming topics were delivered by experts in their domain.

We have interviewed Sylvain Rayé (one of the main organizers of the event), Ben Marks  (a Community Evangelist at Magento) and Guido Jansen (one of the brightest event speakers) and asked their opinions about the conference and thoughts on the upcoming release of Magento 2.0.

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