The company get a top industry award for creating a unique eCommerce Web-design


StayLime, an eCommerce design studio (also known as Flex Media in the CIS market), is honored to have won a prestigious Gold RuNet Rating Award in the ‘Promo Websites’ category.

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Interview Rebecca

She’s one of the youngest, most devoted and enthusiastic members of the Magento community.

If you enter the hashtag #Magento in the search bar on Twitter, you’ll find lots of informative tech articels, detailed Magento events round-ups, as well as fun posts and hilarious videos created by this lovely girl.

Ok, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Rebecca Troth!

Vitaly: Rebecca, now you are working as a Project Manager at Interactive Web Solutions Ltd. What was your journey to get there?

Rebecca: I’ve always been a bit of a geek… ok a lot! But when left education at 19, I still didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I got an apprenticeship in ICT and started a job at an SEO & Marketing Company which is where I was first introduced to the world of designing, building and marketing websites. After realizing neither ICT hardware or SEO were for me, I joined a large printing company as a web designer. Followed by an eCommerce agency as a web developer in 2013, this is where I was first introduced to Magento and quickly learned to love this orange eCommerce platform.

After a few years developing, my path lead me to a role in project management at Interactive Web Solutions (iWeb) and here we are today! I love it here at iWeb, there are so many talented folk here and the atmosphere in the office is always fun and innovative!

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Beergento copy

When visiting Minsk, Thomas Fleck called it “the capital of Magento extensions”. Indeed, a lot of well-known, reputable Magento solution developers reside here.

In order to bring the local community of Magento developers together, discuss and share Magento 2 development ideas, MageWorx and Aitoc teams decided to organize the 1st informal Belorussian Magento event — Beergento.

The idea of such an event format isn’t new (if you search Twitter for the hashtag #Beergento, you’ll see that the guys from Interactive4 had somewhat of the kind a couple of years ago), we tried to reinvent it a bit though.

What we aimed at was:
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Looking to improve your Magento skills? Come and join Beergento Belarus, a NEW informal local event for anyone who wants to dive into the latest Magento development news and share ideas. It’s a unique mixture of networking and meeting inspiring people. So, if you are here in Belarus this week feel free to join our meet-up. And here is why… Read More

MageWorx extensions updates

Welcome on board, all June Updates are in one place.


Magento 2

  • SEO Suite Ultimate v 2.4.1
  • NEW Extended Rich Snippets

Magento 1

  • SEO Suite Ultimate v 7.1.0
  • Order Management v 2.2.0

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Sometimes you may need to let customers manage products section in your store BUT limit their ability to delete them. However, by default, Magento allows you to change only one permission that called ‘Manage product’. That’s quite a limitation and doesn’t allow us to solve this problem.

Read on to learn how to create additional permission, like ‘Add’, “Edit’, or ‘Delete’, etc.
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Magento 2 Shipping Rules

Shipping expenses are the pain points for ecommerce merchants. Mainly because a poorly calculated strategy leads to overpayment and increased cart abandonment rate.

When it comes to Magento, out-of-the-box the platform lets you only restrict shipping methods for specific countries. And that’s it.

To change shipping rates and costs, offer free shipping or use promotional rates, you need a third party shipping solution. Fortunately, Magento market has tools for every need and budget.

In this article, we’ll show you 15 working shipping examples you can use right off with Shipping Suite Ultimate extension (or other tools).

Let’s go.
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The opportunity to meet top Magento folks doesn’t occur but once in a while, but when it does, there is a great chance to get an exclusive backstage sneak peek and learn the industry insights. Such was the case, when I connected with Ben Marks, Magento Evangelist and Trainer. At  the Developers Paradise conference we talked about the Magento Community, the feedback on Magento 2 and the future of the eCommerce platform.


Vitaly: Ben, Magento 2 was officially released about half a year ago. You’ve been monitoring the community and collecting the feedback all this time. In general, what do people say about the new version of the platform? What kind of feedback are you getting? 

Ben: In general, it’s positive feedback.

Even when people come up and say ‘I am having a challenge with developing something on Magento 2’ or ‘I don’t understand how this works’, it’s usually followed up with positive comments on the new version of the platform.

Magento 2 is really good and it’s good to work with.
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In case you haven’t heard the news yet, our partners at Aitoc have just released a FREE ebook titled “Fighting Shopping Cart Abandonment in Magento: the Jedi’s Guide”.

It is 30 pages of pure-gold information that teaches you how to recover Magento abandoned shopping carts like a pro!  Read More


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