We are launching a series of interviews from Developers Paradise conference. From the interviews you’ll learn the insights of the Magento community and get a valuable piece of advice from the leading industry experts.

The interview with Joni Kautto opens the series.


About Joni

Joni is a senior eCommerce Consultant from Finland living in Spain. Working in Online Marketing for 20 years from which past 10 years having main focus on eCommerce. Joni and Arvo Partners work mainly with Scandinavian companies building and growing their eCommerce businesses from the bottom up. Joni has been working with Magento since 2008 and is specialized in Search Engine Optimization, Marketing and Advertising solutions done with and for Magento.

You can connect with Joni on LinkedIn.
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06iioySiThis a guest blog post by Wajid Hussain. Wajid is Magento Community Manager at Cloudways – Managed Magento Hosting Platform. He has a vast experience in Magento and PHP related fields. You can follow him on Twitter at @wajidstack or contact him at wajid.hussain(at)cloudways.com

Now to Install Magento 2 Miration Tool

For easy migration of Magento, there is a handy Data Migration Tool. This Data Migration Tool is based on the command line (CLI) that provides verification, logging, progress tracking and test functions.

There are three modes of transfer that migrate data from your Magento 1 store to Magento 2.

  • Data Mode: This is bulk migration mode that migrates data from Magento 1 database to Magento 2 database.
  • Delta Mode: This migration mode is Catch up migration after the bulk data migration
  • Settings Mode: This migration mode migrates all possible configuration settings from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

Every mode has its own stages, for example, EAV step, settings step, URL rewrite step. Every step checks integrity of data in Magento 1 and Magento 2 databases. After the integrity is checked the data is transferred and confirmed again. Read More


The XML Sitemap functionality is greatly enhanced in Magento 2.

Starting with the priority and frequency for each page type, robots.txt integration and finishing up with the sitemap file limits.

First things first. Read More

Magento 2 extensions development process doesn’t stand still. Everyday the marketpace offers a number of solutions that can make the default (already improved) platform cosmic. Mageworx team is happy to introduce a new Magento 2 extension that was highly acclaimed at DevParadise ’16. Read More

6The acquisition extends the MageWorx service offering and further strengthens the company’s market position with design expertise.


Today, we are happy to announce that we’ve completed the acquisition of StayLime, a young and innovative eCommerce design studio. With this acquisition, our company aims to diversify its current business model and extend the range of the provided services. Read More


Let’s start with the facts.

Fact #1. Ecommerce stores with optimized structured data markup (which results in search results rich snippets) get 30% more clicks with the attention-grabbing links.

Fact #2. The ability to optimize structured data markup in Magento 2 is enabled by default on product pages. So, from now you can easily show structured markups from your ecommerce site within Google search results. It helps to both improve website CTR and enhance its SEO performance. Read More

banner1 copy1
We are super excited to announce a big update of Magento Loyalty Booster! 

To create this update, we’ve carefully reviewed all customer feedback, features requests and overall extension usability. Also, we’ve reviewed the code of the extension — now it is more stable and optimized according to the latest Magento requirements.

Here is the list of all new features: Read More

Magento Gift Cards

Did you know that about 70% of shoppers buy gift cards during the spring-summer season (for graduations, weddings, holidays & birthdays)? This is where your golden ticket to better sales hides!

Now comes the most interesting part.

We, at MageWorx, have been working hard to enhance our Gift Card extension and make it the most powerful & feature-rich on the Magento market.
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Moving to Magento
Ni2rC7QIPaul is the Founder of Audited and is also a Director of GPMD. Paul has been working in ecommerce and digital marketing for over 9 years and has worked in-house, for agencies and as a consultant. Paul works almost exclusively with Magento and has worked with over 100 merchants over the last few years.

Paul, as I understand, you have been working in eCommerce for over 9 years, and I believe you have vast experience in working with different platforms. Why have you decided to work with Magento? What’s your reason for singling the platform out from similar eCommerce solutions? 

To be honest, the main reason is that the majority of my experience has been in working with the Magento platform. I’ve worked with other platforms too (Oracle products, Demandware, Shopify, WooCommerce, bespoke solutions etc), but 99% of the merchants I’ve worked with have used Magento.

I actually only started working with Magento in 2010, after working mainly with Actinic previously, when I joined GPMD (the first time around). Since then, my knowledge of the platform has developed a lot and I made the decision to specialize.

That said, I do also think it’s the best platform for the majority of retailers too – purely because it’s more maintainable and scalable than most solutions. Read More

St Valentine
A very special day is around the corner (and I’m not talking about the premier of the Deadpool movie).

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