Sadly, the potential of onsite search is often overlooked in the eCommerce industry. Meanwhile, a little search box can be an invaluable marketing tool with a wide spectrum of useful capabilities. In addition to its direct duty – delivering results – onsite search can also act as a personal store assistant, a tool for analyzing customer shopping habits & preferences and a communication channel.

The value of an optimized, intuitive and self-learning onsite search can be summed up in 3 quick facts:

  • Those who use onsite search usually have a higher buying intend. As a rule, these visitors are on the site for a specific item and are ready to purchase in the fastest way possible.
  • Advanced search options improve website navigation. It means that visitors don’t need to browse through tons of pages to quickly find what they need.
  • Better search means better customer experience. Hence, the level of customer satisfaction grows, as well as the number of signups and return visits.

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Sylvain Rayé, Ben Marks and Guido Jansen are speaking about the first Swiss Meet Magento event and sharing their thoughts on the release of Magento 2.0 

Held in the halls of Riverside-Glattfelden Hotel, beautifully located near a leafy spot in the Winterthur region, the first Swiss Meet Magento event gathered around 300 people. 24 keynotes with a large variety of eCommerce and programming topics were delivered by experts in their domain.

We have interviewed Sylvain Rayé (one of the main organizers of the event), Ben Marks  (a Community Evangelist at Magento) and Guido Jansen (one of the brightest event speakers) and asked their opinions about the conference and thoughts on the upcoming release of Magento 2.0.

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This Halloween released the world’s scariest monsters, ghosts and villains. Freed out of the darkest shadows, empty houses, closets and basements, they came to play a game with YOU!

The Ring Girl, It, Beetlejuice, Freddy Krueger, Scream Mask, Darth Vader and Joker are here to test your courage.

Are YOU ready?

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The fact is: an average Web surfer utterly loathes pop-ups.

Imaging you are reading a cool post or want to click onto a website that looks inviting and – BOOM! A big-ass pop-up overlays the underlying page and impudently asks you for an email address.

The natural reaction to such an in-your-face massage is to remove it as soon as possible. At best you will close an unwanted pop-up without bother to read what’s on it. At worst – you’ll simply leave the annoying website not to come back again.

At the same time, multiple case studies show that pop-ups can significantly increase sign-up rates and improve conversion and sales. Just look:

These 2 mutually exclusive facts bring up a big question: “How pop-ups can be that effective while being one of the most hated form of Web advertising?

As usual, the devil is in the details.

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The company unveils a revamped brand, renews its product line and makes the forward-looking statements.

MageWorx is proud to announce the completion of a rebranding process and the end of a company-wide reorganization. After 2 months of intense and efficient work we are happy to present you:

  • a new, expanded and greatly enhanced product line
  • a totally revamped website
  • a new eCommerce blog
  • a reformed and improved customer care service

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A smart loyalty program (that includes discounts, free products or special services) is a great tool for stimulating continuous purchase decisions among customers. But despite the large number of brands using loyalty strategy, many of such programs fall short of success.
In this post, we’ll  review what drives customer loyalty, how to create a smart customer loyalty program and what pitfalls to avoid. Read More


The leading Magento eCommerce Community Conference is arriving in Zurich, Switzerland.

Being the world’s famous eCommerce conference, with 8 years of experience in 11 countries, Meet Magento will take place in Zurich on October, 24 for the first time. The leading specialists and experts from the entire ecosystem: merchants, service providers, agencies and developers will present their knowledge and share their experience. The event promises to deliver great speeches about:
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For entrepreneurs, developers and service providing agencies in and around Magento industry, Meet Magento events are an essential way to get up to speed on the latest tech and ecommerce trends, do business and share ideas within the community, find potential customers and partners,and just have lots of fun!

Meet Magento New York is the first ever Meet Magento conference held in the United States. Mark down September 22-23, 2014 in your calendar, get a ticket with the 20% discount (code: MgWrxMM) and pack your bags. It’s going to be epic! Read More


After weeks of “major restructuring” and “management changing” rumors, MageWorx is confirming the start of a company-wide reorganization.

From today, the company is aiming for a “Better MageWorx”. Overall, the changes are sweeping and huge as the company looks to change its structure, staff management in all the key areas. The restructuring is massive and touches every aspect of the company’s performance: from the quality of customer care service to the higher standards of software development.

Unfortunately, the start of the process didn’t go smooth and caused the downtime in some important company’s activities for a couple of days.

Those users, who were unable to get urgent support from 07.16 to 07.18, will get a compensation for that inconvenience. It can either be any MageWorx Magento module (worth $200), customization services (estimated at the same sum) or a special discount on the company’s top solutions.

The customers, who were negatively affected by MageWorx downtime (from July 16 to July 18), are requested to contact the company’s Support Service for compensation.

Other long-lasting issues (caused by the previous company management and stuff) will be resolved in user’s favor within a month.

The new company’s management apologizes for all the inconvenience users had to experience and guarantees that soon everyone will see a new, better MageWorx

P.S. More details are coming soon in the company’s press release. Stay tuned!




When temperatures rise, sales slide. Unless your eCommerce site offers summer goods and services, this season may hit your E-biz with a rapid sales slump. Generally, summertime is the period, when lots of online businesses face two common tendencies:

  •  the number of site visitors gets reduced

This is the result of the seasonal Web traffic decline. As a rule, summer is the period when people want to get out to the beach, explore new places and generally relax. All that means that your regular and prospective customers spend much less time in the cyber space.[/zilla_one_half]

  • the conversion rates get lower

Summertime is the season when folks have quite low buying intent. In this period people are reluctant about making big purchases and spending money even on the things they need.

But whatever scary all that might seem, a well-planned business strategy can prevent your summer revenue from shrinking. Moreover, a wise marketing plan can even help you get hold of a bigger market share during this “dead” season.

This guide suggests 7 actionable ways to prepare a Magento-based store for the upcoming traffic and conversion decline.

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