Creation of a legible and clean code is important for several reasons.

First of all, we may increase the transparency of our solutions, making it easier for other programmers to work on our code. Second, looking after the code quality, we also reduce the amount of bugs in our application and simplify the way it is maintained. This article contains ten tips you can use to improve your code.
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Magento hot summer deals/ Magento Exgension Updates

We, at MageWorx, keep working hard to make our Magento extensions exceptional.

Today, our best-seller SEO modules — SEO Suite Ultimate and SEO Suite Pro — picked up a big update. The update brings you more tools to effectively SEO-optimize your Magento website. Also, it significantly extends the functionality of the Pro version.

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Typical eCommerce Site SEO Issues


Doing SEO for eCommerce websites is a lot more complicated than optimizing blogs and other traditional sites. With hundreds or even thousands of product pages constantly shuffling on and off the site, various issues may raise and kill all your hopes of being found in the organic search.

Today we have interviewed Kunle Campbell and asked him to explain how to handle e-Commerce SEO issues online entrepreneurs often encounter with their sites.

Kunle is an eCommerce growth consultant, trainer and advisor who helps online retailers drive growth and profitability through SEO, customer acquisition, conversion optimization, and retention. He is also a podcaster, speaker, and a reverse-engineering marketing specialist. Besides, Kunle is the principal at 2X eCommerce, an eCommerce marketing consultancy. Read More


To maximize store efficiency, increase sales and gain more loyal customers, merchants should go on innovating.

Here at MageWorx we aim to make your business as competitive and profitable as it can be. And today, we are happy to present you 2 new Magento solutions. These tools will let you save hours of routine tasks and encourage customers to spend more on your website. Read More

International multilingual SEO mistakes

With billions of online shoppers around the globe, it doesn’t make sense to limit your eCommerce business to just one country, region and language. Reaching new customers can open up your business to a diverse range of new opportunities and multiply your store profits manifold.

However, the process of expanding your eCommerce presence to new markets can be quite a challenge.

The truth is, localization of an eCommerce website for new countries and languages requires considerable time, resources and expertise. Also, it can’t be done without thorough ahead-of-time planning and careful consideration of various SEO aspects.

These are 7 things to consider in the first place when embarking on the international eCommerce roll out: Read More

Magento Custom Option Inventory Solution
If you sell lots of custom made products and actively use Magento Custom Option functionality, you know that keeping track of custom options inventory is a HUGE challenge.

The default Magento offers quite a limited set of tools to manage inventory for custom options. Also, the platform doesn’t provide enough control and monitoring features for this purpose.

Being unable to effectively manage your custom options inventory, you may put yourself and your customers in trouble: people might end up purchasing a product with a size/ color/ print, etc. which is not be available in your warehouse, or order the amount of items you won’t be able to provide them with.

To avoid these and other related issues, you either have to develop your own way to manage custom options inventory or select one of the ready-to-implement solutions.

The most popular tool for this tricky task is Advanced Product Options Magento extension by MageWorx. The module is fitted with a bunch of useful features that will let you easily add/manage stock inventory for any custom option.

Let’s see what the tool is capable of. Read More

MageWorx Acquired Webtex

A big day for MageWorx!

It’s been difficult keeping it under wraps, and we can’t longer wait to share great news with you!

We are proud to announce that MageWorx has acquired Webtex Software. 

The acquisition will let our company expand into new niches, extend the range of products and offer better services. Read More

New minor update of Advanced Product Options Magento Extension brings the following features:

*  Minimum/Maximum custom option quantities allowed for purchase
* Low stock functionality
* Improvements for displaying stock level of custom options in the frontend
* Improvements for out-of-stock custom options
* Moving extra features like X1 to a separate field
* Minor bug fixes

Got questions? Fell free to contact us for help.

With things constantly changing in the industry, we keep improving our Magento extensions to make sure they keep up with all the latest trends.

To help you attract more seasonal sales, we’re opening this summer with a big updated of Gift Cards Magento Extension!

Let’s have a closer look at what the new 4.0 version offers: Read More

We, at MageWorx, are continuously improving the functionality of SEO Suite Ultimate, adjusting it to the latest changes in the search engine environment.

And today, we are proud to announce the release of a new 4.0 version of the extension.

A range of new, unique features and innovative modifications make SEO Suite Ultimate an unrivaled, best-in-class SEO solution for Magento stores.

Let’s have a closer look at what the new version offers.

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