You have seen many AJAX cart examples over Internet. We are pleased to offer you our enhanced product Instant/AJAX Cart Magento Extension, which matches any AJAX queries.

Instant Cart Magento Extension makes shopping via your Magento store more convenient and not so annoying. It helps to avoid redirecting pages after clicking on “Add to card” or “ Add to wishlist” button. Besides thepossibility to add/remove  any type of product (configurable, bundle etc.) to Magento cart, it is also possible  to add / remove any products to wishlist or to compare list with AJAX and automatically update “Wishlist” and “Compare” sidebars after adding a new product.

All these features enhance customers’ experience and help to keep your customers where they are and, as a result, make enjoyable shopping for them and effective business for you.

It is high time to implement AJAX into your customer’s shopping with Instant Cart Magento Extension!

Click on more details: Instant Cart Magento Extension page.

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