The eternal question of how to increase sales worries every businessman. All people involved in online sales know that the source of profit in i-business is traffic. The more visitors on the site – the more sales you have. But it should also be taken into account that sometimes attendance itself isn’t so important in comparison with the increase of the quality of visitors or an increase in total sales in the the store, which is considered to be the main goal for every i-store owner.

So, what techniques must the owner follow to get significant results in sales?

We suggest you to observe 10 of the most essential and efficient ways to increase sales in your i-store.

1. Encourage your customers to purchase additional products and services.

When your potential customer is matured to become a regular customer and began to execute a purchase – at the same time offer him/her in a proper way similar products which can be also useful, necessary and interesting for them. Or make an offer like this at the time when the payment has already been made and the buyer has already gone to the payment confirmation page.

2. Add to each item its “advanced” version.

Suppose you sell a course (no matter what format – text, audio, video or combined), which allows the customer to achieve a certain result. So, declare that this is the “basic version” of your course, at the same time making “extended” version which in addition to the basic material would include, for example, additional materials, answers to frequently asked questions, worksheets, templates, checklists and other accompanying materials that will help your customer to achieve their goals more quickly and efficiently. It creates the illusion of choice among your customers and stimulates them to buy your products spontaneously.

3. Organize informational support of not only potential customers, but the current ones.

We know about the strength and power of information support in the form of automated e-mails with useful content. Thus, create a series of emails not only to potential customers, but also make additional ones to current customers about whom you mustn’t forget. They provide customers with additional useful information on the goods they bought, as well as offer to buy your other products and services. Organizing such after-sale support you can stimulate your customer to return to you and purchase again and again.

4. Get in touch with your customers not only through the World Wide Web.

Emails are certainly awesome, but to maximize the impact on your business, use other means of communication. Gather more information about  customers – let them tell you not only their name and email address, but also their telephone and snail mail address. Send them greeting cards, call them in the days of significant events and, of course, use the opportunity to offer to purchase and your other products and services.

5. Add a multimedia content to your site

People are very different in channels of perception. Some people prefer to receive information in the form of printed text. Someone on the contrary wants to listen, the rest prefer showing them all that they want to know about. Adding the content in audio and video format to your page essentially brings you closer to the audience and causes quite an appreciable increase in sales and profits. MageWorx advises you  File Downloads & Product Attachments Magento extension which provides you with awesome support to download and share media content available within Product pages, CMS pages, Static blocks and even 3rd party Magento extensions.

6. Create a community among your customers.

For example, open forum especially for potential customers and let them have access only to those who have bought something. Communicating with each other and with you, these people will buy willingly other goods and services that you sell. Be closer to your customer, be where they are: create blogs, pages in Facebook, Twitter and other social media services and then you’ll evaluate the results.

7. Improve your shopping cart.

A poor functional cart on your site is often a major cause of poor sales for a large amount of users. To avoid this, try to make a cart the most functional and comfortable. In particular, it is necessary to add saving option for a cart during your next visit as well as convenient ways to implement its editing. Drive our Instant Cart Magento Extension and get incredible profits and results!

8. Offer your customers additional payment options.

You should know that the most common payment method in your business is not the most convenient for many of your customers. You need to study your audience to figure out which payment methods your customers prefer. By expanding the list of payment methods on the basis of these findings in most cases you will be able to increase the number of sales almost twice.

9. Use the thank-you page for encouraging the customer to make additional actions.

Every time someone buys your product or service, subscribes to your newsletter, etc., he gets on the page where you express gratitude and give him what have promised. In addition to expressing your gratitude, you should also offer a customer to make any further actions (subscribe to a new series of mails, to buy other products or services). This simple technique has a powerful and efficient impact on your sales.

10. Add new reviews.

As soon as your item sells, collect feedback from new customers and add it to the page with selling text. Choose the reviews which emphasize the strengths of your offer and place them in appropriate places of selling text. Such reviews in 99 cases out of 100 guaranteed a contribute to the sales’ growth.

In the end, it may seem very obvious but keep your eye on cash flow and be guided by these tips. Then you can easily reach incredible results in your business and get your profits as soon as possible. MageWorx wishes you all the best!