During shopping online customers have increasingly abandoned the carts which is leading to higher rates of cart dropouts throughout the e-commerce industry. Fortunately there are some effective techniques you can use to recover a large part of these “lost” sales if you employ some tactics.

According to the studies up to 75% of all shopping carts are abandoned during the checkout. A study by a leading Customer Experience Management (CEM) evaluated the experiences of 719 consumers as they used shopping carts on e-commerce sites. According to the study, the top reasons for shopping cart abandonment and the percentage of consumers are:

  1. High shipping prices (72%)
  2. Changed mind (56%)
  3. Saving items for later purchase (51%)
  4. Total cost of items is too high (43%)
  5. Checkout process is too long (41%)
  6. Checkout requires too much personal information (35%)
  7. Site requires registration before purchase (34%)
  8. Site is unstable or unreliable (31%)
  9. Checkout process is confusing (27%)

Moreover, 46% of consumers were saying that they would be more likely to complete an order if they received an email reminder. Analyzing this statistics, we can firmly believe that one of the most effective ways for abandoned carts recovery is emailing the customer. But also we should differentiate this method into:

1 Emails to individual customers which can have different forms:

    • The expiration of abandoned cart.

You can save shopping carts and their contents and can set the expiration period for your customers sending the email some days prior to that, informing them of their recent unfinished order.

    • Recently abandoned cart.

It’s possible to set the system to track for abandoned carts and then automatically send an email template.

    • Product price status.

You can remind the customer when one of the products they abandoned is on sale.

    • Product availability.

You can send email reminders to your customer when a product in his/her abandoned cart is about to sell out.

2. Grouped emails.   

If you can’t send emails for individuals, you can reach effectiveness by forming targeted groups. For example, one group of people who has an abandoned cart within the appropriate period must receive a special “Let Us Help You To Complete Your Order” promotion – this information is not personalized.

In addition to the above, the following methods must also be taken into consideration as equally important tactics:

    • An online chat. 

The admin can use an online chat window during some downtime without purchasing anything. Live communication is the most effective to avoid an abandoned cart.

    • A message pop-up on exit.

It is really an awesome tactic: the pop-up box that appears when someone leaves your site with something left in the shopping cart. The examples of messaging are the following: offering a discount for this product, promoting offline purchasing with “Print Cart” functionality and a store locator, offering to send them a printed catalog etc.

You can encourage your customers to buy offline with you and maintain a positive relationship with them. All that you need is to act quickly and with the right approach.

MageWorx wishes you less dropouts and more sales!