Hi to all! My name is Natalie and I’m thrilled to be joining MageWorx team as a community manager. That means I will share with you all the latest news about the extensions, promotions and exclusive deals; share most useful ecommerce blogposts, plan events and run funny contests. Be ready to hear a lot from me on Mageworx Facebook and Twitter pages.

Some facts about who I’m: am an IT, psychology, information, photography and rocknroll nerd who is crazy about marketing – especially community marketing. I know a lot of useless trivia, love fashion, coffee with cinnamon + the Rolling Stones, hooked on traveling, new people, positive emotions and I can cook a damn good French soup:)

I’m so incredibly happy to be a part of MageWorx team and honored to be a part of its awesome community.

Look forward to chatting with all of you 🙂