At MageWorx we’re always trying to stay on top of any innovative ideas and projects emerging in the e-commerce ecosystem. Recently, one of such solutions that we stumbled upon happened to be a completely new approach to B2B payments, implemented by the company called Apruve.

The guys at Apruve decided to rethink the broken process of buying stuff for you job. Normally, If you need to make a business purchase, it means that you can anticipate a long and painful process of reconciling the cart items with your boss, soliciting for a corporate credit card, or worse – having to pay with your personal card, and then file and wait for reimbursement. This all adds a ton of time-wasting paperwork and hassle. To the seller it means delayed purchases, abandoned carts, and impaired e-commerce user experience.

With their solution, Apruve plans to remove all redundant steps from the process of making a B2B sale. Apruve adds a new payment method to the checkout process on the merchant’s site, by using which, the buyer is able to send a purchase request directly to their boss or someone who’s making the actual decision to buy. To confirm the purchase this person just needs to make a few clicks. After that, the purchase is finished and the order becomes ‘Complete’ and is ready to ship.

Our friends at Webtex Software created an extension for Apruve, which integrates it into Magento. They installed the extension on their own website and have already started seeing its benefits. We are also planning to add the Apruve payment method to MageWorx website within coming weeks. We think that for a number of our clients it can make life much easier, which is our ultimate goal.