This Halloween released the world’s scariest monsters, ghosts and villains. Freed out of the darkest shadows, empty houses, closets and basements, they came to play a game with YOU!

The Ring Girl, It, Beetlejuice, Freddy Krueger, Scream Mask, Darth Vader and Joker are here to test your courage.

Are YOU ready?

If yes, mind that these days after sunset, some parts of the Web get transformed into the places you’ve seen in your worst nightmares. Invaded by evil spirits, they become creepy scenes hard to survive in.

If you are brave enough, help us find those creatures and send them to the worlds they have come from. When done, grab your reward.

The Rules 

Dive into the darkest parts of our and our partners’ websites, catch all the monsters all and get your reward (note that if you fail to do that, you will find these scary guys under your bed in 7 days – Mhahahah!).

logos (2 hidden monsters) (3 hidden monsters) (2 hidden monsters)

Mind that these nasty guys can hide EVERYWHERE! Some of them may reside in the darkest wet corners of the websites (like 404 pages), and some already invaded the main pages!

Find all 7 monsters and send us an EMAIL with the links.

When the hunt is over, we’ll randomly choose 1 lucky winner, who will get $1000 in prizes.

The Reward

You can win 1k USD in prizes from the top Magento extension providers: MageWorx, WebTex Software and Savvy Cube.

The reward may include:

  • any MageWorx extensions of your choice, customization or installation valued at $500
  • any WebtexSoftware extensions of your choice, customization or installation valued at $300
  • Savvycube analytics valued at $200.

NB! Also note that ALL the contest participants will get smaller consolation prizes and the rays of kindness!

But REMEMBER! Once you enter this world – there’s no turning back until you find all creepy creatures and monsters.

Hurry up! The scariest adventure has just begun and will finish on Thursday night,30!

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