Here is the list of new features you can find in SEO Suite Ultimate v.3.16.0

1. Mapping functionality for CMS pages (to build the correct hreflang tags)

New SEO Suite Ultimate lets you manage CMS pages with identical content in different languages. With the extension you can connect such pages in the system using page ID,  URL or hreflang key.

Also, in case you choose the hreflang key option, you will be able to manually specify it for any chosen CMS page. Thus, the system will treat all pages with identical hreflang keys as one page with different language versions.

All that will let you take a better control over your site content.



2. The ability to preview the hreflang configuration for the setup

This feature lets you quickly check your site configuration and spot all possible hreflang tags configuration errors.

For instance, if there are configuration errors for some languages, that will be highlighted with red. This table also shows the hreflang tag for products, categories and CMS pages separately (for each store view).


3. Correct parsing of XML Sitemaps with Alternate URLs in any browser

Some popular browsers are unable of parsing XML sitemaps that contain alternate links. What they display is a mess of various links that looks like that:

SEO Suite Ultimate Magento extension makes previewing such type of an XML sitemap a lot more convenient:

Note: This feature doesn’t affect an XML sitemap itself.

Also, we have fixed some minor issues and enhanced the overall extension performance.

Fancy the extension’s new features?

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 1.43.25 PM