It’s no surprise that during the Christmas time online retailers make up to 30% more revenue than during the non-holiday season. So, you are probably forecasting a surge of interest in products/ services that you sell within the next couple of weeks.

But what if your Magento store has low risk tolerance? Would you like to secure yourself against its possible poor performance during the ‘hot’ season?

Based on MageWorx long-term experience, we offer an exclusive Anti-Crash Christmas Insurance as a guarantee against possible website’s downfalls.


Get an estimate up to 5 hours of Magento store priority support with a guaranteed solution within 1 business day*.

We will promptly deal with:

  • extension conflicts,
  • theme conflicts,
  • patch installations,
  • extension upgrades,
  • extension installations,
  • theme installations.


This is a limited offer, available for purchase from December 6 to December 19, 2017.

The period of Christmas Insurance coverage starts once you’ve made a payment until December 29, 2017.


50% of the Christmas Insurance value will be transferred to your store credits in case you do not make use of it within the ‘hot’ season.

Ease up and enjoy quality time with your family and friends during holidays while MageWorx takes a good care of your Magento store – possible with the Anti-Crash Christmas Insurance from MageWorx!

*MageWorx support team business hours: 9.00 a.m. – 8  p.m. GMT+2.


With all good wishes for a brilliant and happy Christmas season,



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