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Launches Woxy — Chatbot for Magento 2

The company continues to innovate by employing the unique machine learning technologies to serve online merchants and shoppers.       MageWorx committed to invest in Botscape, a technology startup specializing in developing chatbots for everyday human needs. This investment will enable MageWorx to power its eCommerce expertise and incorporate the unique AI and machine learning Read More

MageWorx Monthly Updates

It’s March. And you know what it means. Do you? In case you don’t, here’s what to expect from this month: March Madness. The End of Winter. Spring. Saint Patrick’s Day. And, of course, MageWorx Monthly Updates 🙂 Today, we’ve got 5 Magento 2 extensions with new features and performance improvements. Here they are.

Roundup for December: 4 New Extensions and 13 Updates

While everyone else is enjoying the euphoric high of winter holidays, we go on working hard. Which, in turn, results in feature-rich updates, interesting collaborations, new products and campaigns. December was rich on everything! Besides 1,450 cups of coffees, 5 pizza parties and organizing a Christmas party for 86 orphan kids, MageWorx team released 13 hot updates and 4 new extensions! Let Read More