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Most Important SEO Metrics of 2017

Another year means a fresh examination of your SEO strategy. What worked last year might not work this year. Your tactics will need tweaking, measuring, and monitoring afresh to make sure your rankings don’t drop. Why? Firstly, because Google is a complex thing, and its algorithms are always changing. Secondly, in order to succeed, you Read More

How to Make eCommerce Category Pages Sell? 7 Live Examples

The majority of eCommerce store owners spend most of their time either on optimizing the homepage or on creating well-organized and brushed-up product pages. While the above-mentioned pages are surely important, there’s another page type, the potential of which is often ignored and overlooked by online merchants. I’m talking about category pages. Basically, these are Read More

Banner Ad Design Trends

Ok, the truth is — most of online shoppers skip banner ads. They tweak their browser settings to hide this type of antiquated ad medium once and for all. However, despite quite a bad reputation and comparatively low click-through-rate (CTR), ad banners still remain a very effective tool for enhancing brand awareness and reaching a Read More