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10 Magento Christmas Marketing Ideas

Whew! Gone are the days when shoppers had to wait in lines for hours in order to get the desired gifts, and now all they need is just an Internet connection and a decent device. Any time. Anywhere. Safely and fast. About 83% of buyers have seen the true value of ‘on-the-go’ or ‘home’ – Read More

Take Your Magento Store to the Extreme with MageWorx Enterprise Extensions

After having become a member of the Magento Solution Partner Ecosystem – a network of trusted development companies that assist merchants in growing their online businesses and create better customer experience with the Magento Platform – MageWorx has officially acquired access to: pre-official release versions, Magento 2 Enterprise functionality, marketing collaboration with Magento.

How to Create Landing Page for Different Traffic Types

In the previous article, we’ve highlighted practically everything you need to know when creating a landing page (its meaning, purpose, types, and categories), uncovered the difference between websites and landing pages as well as revealed some secrets of creating an irresistible landing page. Direct traffic, organic search, referral, paid search…There is a multitude of channels Read More

Most Important SEO Metrics of 2017

Another year means a fresh examination of your SEO strategy. What worked last year might not work this year. Your tactics will need tweaking, measuring, and monitoring afresh to make sure your rankings don’t drop. Why? Firstly, because Google is a complex thing, and its algorithms are always changing. Secondly, in order to succeed, you Read More