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Banner Ad Design Trends

Ok, the truth is — most of online shoppers skip banner ads. They tweak their browser settings to hide this type of antiquated ad medium once and for all. However, despite quite a bad reputation and comparatively low click-through-rate (CTR), ad banners still remain a very effective tool for enhancing brand awareness and reaching a Read More

Magento Store Design – 10 Trends to Follow

Today we will talk about trends to follow when you design your Magento store. Store features are really important, nobody will argue that, but if you want to attract more customers and boost conversion, your website should look modern and visually appealing as well. How do you reach the desired result? Read on and learn Read More

5 Little-Known Ways to Use Rich Snippets in eCommerce

Properly implemented Structured Data Markup helps search engines deliver more informative and descriptive results for eCommerce pages. Snippet-rich pages get a better click-through rate, channel a bigger amount of targeted traffic and bring more sales. Generally, store owners just add the markup tags to help Google identify prices, product availability and ratings. Meanwhile, there are Read More