Top 50 Magento Contributors: Interview with Andreas von Studnitz

We had an honor to get an interview with Andreas von Studnitz, Certified Magento Developer and Co-Founder of integer_net, Magento agency in Germany. Andreas was named one of 50 Magento Contributors in 2017. In the interview, Andreas talks about his activities in the Magento Community, the most challenging projects, shares his experience visiting various Magento Read More

Interview with Alex Levashov from Magenable

Magento is undoubtedly one of the most popular ecommerce platforms in the world. It’s also widely spread on the Australian continent (in fact, Australia is the 3-rd biggest Magento community). The local community counts thousand of online merchants, Magento agencies, individual developers, and it keeps growing. Today, we’ve interviewed Alex Levashov, the director of Magenable, Read More

How to gain maximum efficiency with Magento 2. Interview with Max Pronko

Max Pronko is one of those Magento gurus a newbie must follow. He is a Magento expert and public speaker, a Magento Certified Developer and a popular Magento 2 blogger. With 10 years’ of software development and consulting experience in Magento, Max has successfully designed and implemented high quality products from mid to large-sized scale. Follow Max on Twitter. Read More